Ubud, Bali - Indonesia

Abisena Ubud Resort reflects the character of Ubud as a healing place for people seeking tranquility and authentic Balinese heritage. The interiors are inspired by Ubud’s landscapes, its gardens and rice fields. The visual signature of this resort is the Plumeria flower, also known as the Frangipani. The Balinese people use this lovely, fragrant flower for prayers, offerings, and as hair ornaments for temple dancers. We have incorporated the Plumeria into the interior design in a number of innovative ways. In the lobby, which opens to a grand forested vista, there is a large copper artwork, a feature wall in the reception area, and a chandelier, all featuring the Plumeria. The ceiling combines rattan with carved frame. The ambiance is enriched with the pattern of handwoven songket textile in the upholstery.