Melati Danes

Interior Designer

Ni Wayan Melati Blanca Danes, known as Melati Danes is an interior designer who has a broad experience over 18 years in the interior industry, specialising in hospitality sector. Her projects span in Indonesia, Thailand and India, including the one that was nominated for the Unesco Worldwide Prix Versailles 2020 competition as the Most Beautiful Hotel in South-Asia which she collaborated with her husband, Popo Danes. Melati is also an art connoisseur and collector and has been championing Indonesian artisan textiles for decades who has successfully integrated Indonesian textiles in various architectural and interior design projects. She is a proud advocate on the importance of preserving art and culture in modern society.

Why sustainable?

We are concern about the nature and want to use ecological and ethical materials and production methods.

Why functional and timeless?

The space has to look good, facilitate its purpose and use over time, as well as be easy to maintain.

Why modern style with a local element?

We want the visitors to have extraordinary experience where they can enjoy the modern solutions yet feel the local culture and environment. We also want to help in keeping alive the local craft, so that the old skills and traditions won’t disappear.