Tabanan, Bali - Indonesia

Diageo is a British multinational alcoholic beverage company and one of the world’s largest producers of spirits and beers. This project is renovated offices located in Kaba-Kaba Village, Tabanan Regency, Bali, where Diageo Indonesia employees in Bali to do their best in life and at work. The renovation reflects Diageo’s motto: celebrating life, every day, everywhere. The design concept for the Diageo office is ‘an authentic look and feel of Indonesia’. In line with Diageo values, there is a big focus on the community and a concern to make people feel at home in a modern space. Our interior design presents the beauty of Indonesia, expressing respect for Indonesian culture through works made of wood, incorporating batik patterns and materials such as woven rattan, as well as glass painting. The company’s motivational words are written on each step of the stairway as a daily reminder for employees. A wall on the stairwell presents a large mural painting of a Barong, a mythological guardian effigy in Hindu Bali and a symbol of virtue or dharma. The sacred Barong dance is full of dynamic movement and energy, as shown in this work. A previously empty hallway space was designed to function as a leisure area and a working area. In the leisure area, we provided a banquet sofa and dining tables for lunch, with the dining table designed for the staff members to play chess. There is a game corner with table football and play stations. Halfway up, there is a long window facing into the factory, and a work board plan on the opposite wall, where the plant crew and staff often hold strategic briefings.