Four @Drupadi

Kuta, Bali - Indonesia

Four @Drupadi consists of four villas, each with a different theme: Japan, India, Modern, and Bali.

Youbi Villa, whose theme is Japan, uses bamboo for the furniture. The floors are tatami mats and the color scheme is black and red.  

Pyar Villa features Indian interiors with a vibrant color palette, evoking a sense of excitement and richness. As in a typical Indian interior, there is a dominant presence of traditional elements such as statues, bells, idols, hangings, embroidered rugs, as well as oil lamps, mirrors, and articles of copper, brass and bronze.

Amore Villa has a Modern interior design, with a clean and spacious white & blue color scheme. Wall and floor materials are also bright and vivid.

Cinta Villa is in Tropical Bali style, and uses natural elements such as recycled wood, wood carving, and rattan to enhance the tropical ambiance. The main color scheme is the natural color of the forest, with accents of vibrant color in Balinese songket fabrics.