Jasri Joglo Villa

Tabanan, Bali - Indonesia

Several types of traditional wooden house from Java have become fashionable in Bali because of their beauty and also because they are easily knocked down and reassembled. In this project, the joglo building is the main bedroom, with living room, bathroom, pantry, wardrobe area, and outdoor deck. The walls and ceilings are carved teak, and the roofing is terracotta tiles, formerly ironwood shingles (sirap). The trademark of the joglo is a tall central roof supported by four large columns. The interior atmosphere is dominated by wood, from carved wall panels to antique furniture. Cultural touches are traditional Balinese fabrics and reproduction terrazzo floors in the Javanese ‘kawung’ motif. The kawung motif is oval, resembling the kawung fruit (a kind of palm whose fruit is sometimes called ‘kolang-kaling’), and arranged in a neat geometric pattern. Sometimes this motif is interpreted as the lotus flower with four split petals, a symbol of long life and purity. As you enter the room, you will see the dining area, while on the left is the bed decorated with Balinese textiles and framed with carved panels. A beautiful antique wooden bench and a set of rattan chairs are laid out on the deck.  Awnings are attached using antique wooden structures, a perfect combination of function and beauty.