Memuliakan Wastra : A Curated Exhibition of Folk Art, Textiles and Craft

Memuliakan Wastra, a curated exhibition of folk art, fashion, high quality craft and culture has been opened to the public. Wastra is derived from the old Sanskrit word meaning ‘traditional textiles that are rich in history and created by hand. From 30 May – 29 June 2021, Amandari invites guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of Indonesian wastra through the exhibition, which is curated in the resort’s restaurant and library. During the exhibition, the wastra will be displayed alongside insightful stories of their unique characteristics and information on the meaning behind each of the symbols, colours, sizes and materials.

To showcase the historical and cultural textiles from across the Indonesian archipelago, Amandari is collaborating with renowned interior designer and architect Melati and Popo Danes. Through this exhibition, the resort aims to tell the story of traditional textiles and its value as a part of Indonesia’s rich heritage, and how it remains relevant in today’s modern society, especially within the interior design and fashion world. Melati and Popo Danes will also curate a series of events at Amandari, that are open to the public, to reintroduce wastra and to educate guests of all ages on this artform.

On 5 June, Amandari will host a Sustainable Regeneration workshop by Melati Danes in collaboration with the Begawan Foundation’s Learning Centre. This workshop is designed for the younger generation and to introduce young minds to the fascinating world of interior design and give them the opportunity to explore their interests, talents, and stimulate their creativity from an early age. During the workshop, children are introduced to interior design through a drawing and colouring session with the theme of ‘My Bedroom’ where they will design their dream bedroom interior with expert guidance.

On 12 June, a Textile Drapery session will take place where participants are able to learn more about Indonesian heritage, cultural fabrics and how to dress with traditional weaving fabrics without any tailoring process.

On 19 June, Melati Danes and Amandari will host a Reimagine Bali panel, inviting guests to hear from local interior designers from Bali who are part of the Indonesian Architects Association and Indonesian Interior Design Association. During the panel the designers will share their experiences of spatial development in hospitality and how to implement traditional culture in contemporary ways through interior design.

The Memuliakan Wastra exhibition at Amandari will showcase Melati and Popo Danes’s private collection of wastra from across the Indonesian archipelago including Patola, Endek, Songket, Prada, Bebali, Cepuk, Geringsing, Batik Betawi, Lokcan, Kamasan, Pelangi, Rangrang, Tirtanadi and Sumba.

source: nowbali