Milo’s Boutique

Bali – Indonesia

Milo’s is a fashion line based in Bali.  Italian designer, Milo Migliavacca, designs are inspired by Balinese handicrafts, fabricated into his signature knits of rayon and silk jerseys, embellished with embroidered applique and intricate beadwork. Aligned with Milo’s unique work, here the recycled liana woods are used as the wardrobe hanger. Covered in golden leaf and details on its ends, the liana woods gave an organic unstraight line that exposes the uniquenss of the boutique’s products. Details of copper are on its terrazzo floor, while a Gringsing weaving pattern known from East part of Bali are on its ceilings. The crafted floral Balinese ornaments can be found around the shop representing Milo’s design inspiration.