Pandawa Cliff Estate

Kutuh, Bali - Indonesia

The Pala is part of Pandawa Cliff Estate, a tropical contemporary villa whose design signature is the imposing scale of the main door and a sense of permanence. The interior lends a welcoming atmosphere with locally inspired decorative elements. The entrance is a grand and beautiful 4.5 meter-high traditional Balinese door carved in gold, red and sea-green colors. In the glassed-in entrance hall, the guest discovers a variety of ornaments, flanked by stone frescoes depicting the fragrant frangipani, and birdcage chandeliers hanging from the glass roof.

The Pala’s splendid upper-floor living room is divided into two comfortable sitting areas, with massive sofas in blue and cream on either side. A highlight of this room is the tiered ceiling, which features classic Balinese Kamasan-style painting of natural scenes depicting flowing water, trees and birds by the famous Kamasan painter Nyoman Mandra. The villa is equipped with fine wooden furniture and modern sofas, with accompanying tables fit for a variety of gatherings and meals prepared by the villa’s staff.

Each room in the South Building uses a variety of motifs inspired by Balinese ornamentation and executed by different Balinese artists for a light atmosphere.

The vast Indian Ocean is a constant presence through the wide glass windows and doors. An infinity pool with rattan sunning furniture is perched near the magnificent cliff.