Zuna Yoga

Ubud, Bali - Indonesia

Zuna Yoga Retreat Center is building for yoga fans where you can practice on your mat with beautiful views of the jungle of Ubud. Zuna located in Petulu, Ubud. Designed with tropical nature and contemporer style. This retreat is designed natural material with etnic element. Zuna yoga is the Resort providing with wellness services. Overall concept is modern zen.

Hotel block consists of several many rooms, there are Twin bedroom, Trainer bedroom, Private bedroom, Dorm room, Studio room, and Instructor resting room. Their concept has the same design. On the floor is using cement polished with natural carpet. Meanwhile, the walls are finished with cement polished and paint. Ethnic accents are applied to the bed runner and pillows. The furniture is simple but can match a tropical style. This is to maximize its function. The natural wood colour matches perfectly with the cement polished material.