The Pakerisan River Estate is located in Pejeng, Ubud, on the Pakerisan River. Along this river valley, many archeological sites and artifacts have been found that depict Bali in the distant past, and this is an inspiration for design. We can also find modern buildings integrated with Balinese architecture in the village of Tampaksiring, namely the Tampaksiring Palace, a residence for Indonesian presidents.

One of the historic sites on the Pakerisan river is Goa Garba, a temple with meditation caves carved into the side of the river gorge. Legend says that this was a place of study of the 14th century hero Kebo Iwa from the Majapahit era. Bali is considered to be the last bastion of the classical Hindu-Javanese Majapahit culture, preserving its customs, local wisdom and cultural character.

Majapahit carving motifs will be an element in the interior design concept of Pakerisan River Estate. The Pakerisan river valley becomes the inspiration for interior colors, a palette of natural colors evoking the crystal-clear river water, the warm river rocks, and the green of the rice fields and forests, adding freshness, peace, balance and a sense of comfort.